The Interpreter to Publish, “Joseph Knew First: Moses, The Egyptian Son”

The Interpreter will publish my article “Joseph Knew First: Moses, The Egyptian Son” soon on their website ( and in print. Here is the abstract for the article:

After about 1500 years of slumber, ancient Egyptian was brought
back to life in the early 19th century, when scholars deciphered hieroglyphs.
This revolutionary success opened the door to a  reevaluation of history
from the viewpoint of ancient Egypt. In the wake of this new knowledge,
the first scholar posited the idea in 1849 that the name of Moses stemmed
from the Egyptian word for child. Subsequently, this idea was refined,
and currently the majority of scholars believe Moses’s name comes from
the Egyptian verb “to beget,” which is also the root for the Egyptian word
for child, or in the case of a male child, a “son.” Before this discovery and
certainly before a scholarly consensus formed on the Egyptian etymology
of the name of Moses, Joseph Smith restored a prophecy from the patriarch
Joseph that played upon the name of Moses and its yet to be discovered
Egyptian meaning of “son.” This article explores the implications of this
overt Egyptian pun and its role as a key thematic element in the restored
narratives in the Book of Moses.


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