It is strange that strangers can influence us so profoundly at times. It is supposedly a particularly Christian kindness to reach out to strangers (Matthew 25:34-40). Hopefully through this website we can cross paths and be strangers no more. My name is Nathan. I am a Christian, and I am a Mormon. This website is primarily an outlet to express my views of Christ through a style I call poetic prose. I publish posts once a week, typically on Fridays. 

Here are some examples, check out the following posts:

Most popular post (most views so far)- The True Order of Prayer;

Most comments- Scriptural Landscapes; and

Author’s pick-Solving the Equation of Our Own Suffering.

The style I employ for these posts was inspired by Neal A. Maxwell, a stranger, someone I never met personally, but who profoundly affected my life. Therefore these posts have the tag “writing like Maxwell”. 

Due to his influence, a part of my posts will be devoted to narrating my journey to find my own voice through emulating the voice of the late Neal A. Maxwell (d. 2004). These posts are part tutorial and part personal reflection on the process of writing itself. They will have the tag “write like Maxwell”. Check out my first post from this category: Admiration, Emulation, and Memorialization.

Lastly, there will be other posts that will have a more academic feel, some that are poems, and some that will be fictional in nature. I don’t have anything posted in this category yet, but I should have something on its way soon. I also don’t have a tag worked out for these yet, but perhaps…miscellaneous? I welcome suggestions.

If anything I have written has influenced you for good, please provide feedback and share posts with your friends.

Most appreciatively,

Nathan (You can also find me on Twitter: @Mormon_pen)

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